Rules for V&V cooking competition:

The College of Phoenix Rising is extremely excited to announce that this year’s theme for Vices & Virtues 2023 is Gluttony vs Temperance! That means the appropriate activity is a cooking competition! We invite all of the cooks in the kitchen to enter the “Food, All of the Glorious Food” Competition! Here are the rules:

The goal is for each team to cook 50 portions of each dish on site using their own outdoor camp kitchen. The competition will occur rain or shine.

Teams will be comprised of no more than 3 people per dish.

They will have the option to enter a single dish or multiple dishes throughout the day. Each dish will have an individual judging time. Each team can choose to serve in any of the following categories as defined by the cooks:

– Meat dish

– Starch side dish

– Vegetable side dish

– Dessert

Each team may enter at the level they choose:

– Youth

– Novice

– Intermediate

– Advanced

Each team will be responsible for:

– their own ingredients for their entry

– pots to cook dishes

– cooking and service utensils

– cooking equipment

– 2 index cards with information about food being served in addition to any other research documentation you may wish to provide the judges about your dish.

Phoenix Rising will provide:

– wood for those who are cooking over open fire

– ice once the entrant has signed in on site

– a reimbursement of $20 for ingredients, receipts required

– A cleaning station to wash cooking utensils throughout the day

To be reimbursed for competition entry, entrants must provide receipt(s) of items purchased from the ingredients list they had previously provided. Though alcohol may be used as an ingredient, any alcohol purchased will not be an allowable cost for reimbursement.

Each dish will have a 30-minute slot for judging. Team leads will randomly draw for their judging slot on Friday of the event. The order of draw will occur on a 1st come 1st serve basis.  Trades will be allowed.

Each entry will be sampled by the judges blindly. Judges will be presented with each dish, the entry number plus the index card with description and ingredients.

They will score each dish based on the appropriate A&S criteria. )

Extra points can be earned by:

– Using period cooking vessels

– Using uncommon/exotic food items

– Making an Illusion food/subtleties

The team with the highest score in each judging bracket category will win a prize. There will also be prizes for Populace Choice and Royal’s Choice.

Dish presentation to the judges can be different from presentation to the populace. Once the judges have been served, teams may serve the populace whatever serving they feel appropriate. The populace will be responsible for their own feast gear.

Team leaders MUST email the ingredients list for their dish by Sunday, July 30th at 11:59 pm. This will give Phoenix Rising time to post food lists for allergy awareness.

If you have any questions about the competition, please let me know! Inquiries should be directed to We look forward to seeing your entries!

In the event that there are insufficient entries to provide food for the entirety of Saturday, the event will provide an alternate feast option at no increased cost.